Making Disciples with Robby Gallaty
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Making Disciples with Robby Gallaty is a weekly discussion about discipleship and disciple-making in the local church.

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    The Discipleship Pathway Part 1

    In this episode, Chris and Robby begin a discussion about the Discipleship Pathway.

    The Discipleship Pathway

    00:00: What is the Discipleship Pathway?
    01:40: What is expository preaching?
    03:10 The method of Jesus
    05:00: The congregation
    05:25: The three
    06:55: The Pathway
    09:00: The 2-pronged ministry approach
    11:30: Benjamin Franklin story
    13:00: Wesley’s Classes and Bands
    16:25: Map vs Menu

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    Sustaining Discipleship Long Term

    In this episode, Chris and Robby work through how to sustain a discipleship movement in a church.

    00:00: Home Depot Church
    03:30: Season your sermon with discipleship
    04:15: Preach sermons on discipleship
    06:15: Maintaining ministries
    08:00: NextSteps Area
    09:30: Spiritual journey is a process (not a point)
    11:45: Walking together
    13:00: Ongoing long term training
    15:00: Syncing your ground attack with air attack in discipleship
    16:25: Celebrating wins and changing the scorecard
    18:30: Where on the pathway are your recent baptisms?

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    Disciplemaking and the Future of the SBC with J.D. Greear

    In this episode, J.D. Greear joins Chris and Robby to discuss the future of the Southern Baptist Convention, church planting, equipping people, and more.

    J.D. Geear Ministries
    @J.D. Greear
    The Summit Church
    J. D. Greear Elected Youngest Southern Baptist President in Decades

    00:00: Introductions
    02:00: The Summit Church Strategy
    03:15: Interview with Interns
    04:05: Church planting done right takes care of discipleship
    05:30: To call to be sent is instilled early
    06:30: Reproducing small groups
    06:50: Discipleship aimed just at education isn’t discipleship
    07:40: Disciplemaking Task Force
    09:40: It’s more than just making converts
    11:00: The job doesn’t stop at evangelism
    12:00: Healthy ministries grow deep and wide at the same time
    14:00: Discipleship is informal
    16:00: Plan A is the local church
    17:00: We don’t need a new grand system
    17:30: Community context
    19:40: Baptism is the starting line

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    A Tool for Making Disciples

    In this episode, Robby and Chris discuss why relying solely on non-Biblical curriculum for making disciples is wrong.

    Foundations/F260 Books -

    01:30: Hitching your wagon to the Bible
    3:30 Don’t throw out your curriculum just yet
    05:00: 3 things that last for eternity
    07:00: Secrets to the Christian life
    07:25: Why we created the F260
    10:00: How we created the F260
    13:50: Always read more
    17:00: Hearing from God
    18:05: New version of Foundations

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    The Most Important Lead Measure for Spiritual Growth

    In this episode, Robby and Chris discuss the most important lead measure for spiritual growth.

    02:00 Groups matter a lot
    02:50 Bible engagement is the most important lead measure
    03:30 What is Bible engagement?
    05:00 People who engage the Bible are more evangelistic
    07:00 Why D-groups matter
    08:00 Unhurried time with the Lord
    09:50 What is the highest form of worship
    14:55 What is the greatest commandment?

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    How to Lose 7 Million People

    In this episode, Robby and Chris discuss the Disciplemaking Taskforce Report with NAMB, lead measures, and the upcoming Spark conference.

    00:30 How to lose 7 million people
    01:00 Task Force Report
    03:50 Falling Attendance
    5:55 How did we lose 7 million people?
    9:15: We forgot to grow people on the backend
    11:10 How can we change for the future?
    13:40 Spark conference

    80by20 - Task Force Report
    Spark Conference

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    The Role of Text-Driven Preaching in Discipleship

    In this episode, Robby and Chris are joined by Gus Hernandez, Jr to discuss the role of text-driven preaching in discipleship.

    1:35: How did Jesus use preaching in the discipleship process?
    1:50: Discipleship Pathway
    2:50: What is text-driven preaching?
    3:40: Replicate Cohorts
    5:20: Sermon driven life-group content
    8:15: Informational transactions
    11:20: What is expository preaching?
    16:20: Teaching people to read the Bible for themselves
    18:15: True Love Waits sermon
    20:50: Sermon feedback loop

    Replicate Cohort
    Preaching for the Rest of Us: Essentials for Text-Driven Preaching

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    The Biggest Surprise of Discipleship Groups

    In this episode, Chris Swain and Robby discuss the biggest surprise when you start investing in people through discipling relationships.

    01:15 Do you have 2 AM friends?
    02:00 Staying on task with the F260
    02:40 Accountability for Pastors
    04:00 Why do pastors fall?
    06:30 Do you want more evangelism in your church?
    08:30 Discipleship isn’t about preparing another sermon
    11:00 Accountability of reading the Bible

    F260 Bible Reading Plan
    What is a HEAR Journal?

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    Why Isn't Disciplemaking Working In My Church?

    In this episode, Chris and Robby discuss why disciplemaking isn’t working in some churches.

    00:00: What is disciplemaking?
    01:15: What is discipleship?
    02:00: Discipleship is more than a class
    03:00: Discipleship doesn’t happen by accident
    03:30: Can you disciple an unbeliever?
    06:00: Accountability is key
    07:45: Replication is critical
    09:00: Churches face difficulty in balancing evangelism and discipleship
    11:30: How much are in you investing in evangelism vs discipleship with your budget?
    15:00 Taking an inventory of the “success” of your big events
    17:00 We’re preaching half the gospel
    17:45 Do you need life-groups if you are doing D-Groups?

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    Making Disciples, Not Visitors

    This week, we talk about how having a process for spiritual growth is key to having a healthy church.

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    00:00 Making Disciples, Not Visitors
    02:20 Do you have a spiritual process for maturing believers in your church?
    03:40 The non-Discipleship Gospel
    05:30 Jesus told his disciples to teach them to obey
    07:00 We’ve left people to figure out Christianity on their own
    09:00 We often compartmentalize our Christian lives
    10:25 How are you mobilizing your people?
    11:05 Three subtle shifts you can make
    13:00 Consumerism to Co-Worker
    14:35 Mr. Jimmy Story
    17:40: Ministry is the pathway to maturity
    18:40: Begin with the end in mind

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